DITRMA – RENAR accredited laboratory

Within the Testing Department – DI carries out its activity the DITRMA Laboratory, which was first accredited by the National Accreditation Body – RENAR, in 1996, according to SR EN 45001: 1993, being the first mechanical testing laboratory accredited in Romania and re-accredited in 2002, according to SR EN ISO/CEI 17025: 2005 through the Accreditation Certificate no. 002-L and in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018 according to SR EN ISO/CEI 17025: 2005 through the Accreditation Certificate no. LI 451, being capable of performing accredited (Annex 1) or non-accredited tests.

The Laboratory of Tractor Testing and Technical Equipment for Agriculture and Food Industry (DITRMA), complies with the requirements of SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005 for “third party” laboratories, it is impartial, is not subject to any commercial, financial or other pressures that could influence its technical decisions and is not engaged in activities which could jeopardize confidence in the independence of its decisions and its integrity in relation to the testing activities.

The policy of the Testing Department, comprising the Laboratory of Tractor Testing and Technical Equipment for Agriculture and Food Industry (DITRMA), in the field of quality, is to offer its customers excellent and irreproachable services in the common interest of promoting products that best meet the requirements of the market and comply with the requirements of technical, functional, life safety and health and environment protection performances.

The DITRMA Laboratory policy represents a total commitment of all staff in the testing activity, to maintain a high quality level of services provided to beneficiaries by continuously improving the effectiveness of its own management system and has the following main objectives:

  • meeting expectations and maintaining customer confidence in the tests performed by DITRMA staff;
  • increasing the competence of DITRMA, continuously improving the quality of its activities and gaining new clients;
  • reducing operating costs and increasing the efficiency of testing activity;
  • meeting the requirements of the accreditation body and the recognition authority and obtaining and maintaining DITRMA accreditation, respectively recognition, for the activities it performs.


To achieve these objectives, DITRMA has undertaken a number of actions, including:

  • designing, documenting and implementing a Quality Management System according to the requirements of SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005;
  • organizing DITRMA and assigning the material and human resources necessary to meet the requirements of the Quality Management System adopted;
  • establishing responsibilities and delegating authority to implement and monitor the functioning of the system and achieve the objectives set;
  • all staff involved in the testing activity are familiar with the quality documentation and implement and enforce the adopted procedures in their work;
  • promptness in meeting customer requirements;
  • testing only based on established methods and customer requirements;
  • the correctness and accuracy of the results recorded in all the phases of the testing activity;
  • ensuring the traceability of all measurements;
  • the safe and correct handling of the products undergoing the testing process;
  • ensuring confidentiality of information;
  • upgrading and continuous maintenance of measuring and testing equipment and techniques;
  • permanent training of staff.

DITRMA adopted and implemented a Quality Management System in the testing activity, the provisions of which fully meet the requirements of SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005 and exclude any influence on the results of this activity, exercised by external individuals or organizations.

Through its own system, DITRMA ensures its impartiality and objectivity, both through the organizational and functional structure and the adopted testing procedures.

DITRMA has permanent and sufficient, competent and trained staff, selected from amongst testing specialists, according to well-defined criteria of competence, training, moral conduct, skills and experience.

Continuous professional development of testing staff, through organized courses, both internal and initiated by other specialized organizations, is a permanent concern of DITRMA management and is carried out periodically, according to the rules of the Quality Management System.

In 2018 the DITRMA laboratory maintained RENAR accreditation certificate – LI451, valid until 30.10.2022:

Accredited tests are as set out in Appendix 1 to the Accreditation Certificate LI 451 – RENAR:

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