Activities and Objectives


According to GD 1308/1996:

Research – development – innovation activities in the field of processes, mechanization and automation technologies and equipment for agriculture and food industry in the context of harmonizing the entire activity of the institute to the policies applied by the National Authority for Scientific Research in Romania.
Activities related to the research and development activity.
Training and professional specialization activities in their own field of activity.
Activities of editing and printing of specialized publications.
Activities of demonstration, dissemination and technological transfer of the results of researches in the field of mechanization technologies and technical equipment for agriculture and food industry.
Activities to capitalize on the results of research – development – innovation in the field of mechanization technologies and technical equipment for agriculture and food industry.
Activities to support research – development and innovation in its own field of activity.


1. Scientific foundation of processes in agriculture, food industry and the development of new machining technologies, tools and technical equipment compatible and competitive with the European area of ​​research specific to the concepts of SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE and FOOD SECURITY;
2. Increasing the technical level and the performance of the processes, technologies and technical equipments destined to agriculture and the food industry, which will satisfy the EU requirements and regulations in order to capitalize on Romania’s agricultural potential;
3. Highlighting the renewable energy sources (biomass, biofuels) of technologies and technical equipment for their efficient use, protection of life, health and the environment;
4. Dissemination and technological transfer in economy of research results for the purpose of rural development and the increase of quality life;
5. Supporting the activity of C-D from the companies building tractors and agricultural machines and training the users of technical equipment, in order to increase the capacity of dissemination and development in the economy of advanced technologies;
6. Strengthening the technical research base (logistics, equipment, research equipment), conducting interlaboratory tests and external partnerships to connect INMA’s research to the European research area, including integration into technological platforms at European level;
7. Increasing the level of professional training of the human resource and improving the structure;
8. Improving the organizational structure of the institution in order to allow the achievement of scientific partnerships with similar institutes in the European area;
9. Preparation of tenders for participation in European programs;
10. Increasing the visibility of the activities and results of the institute.

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