Product Certification

INMA, through INMA-CERT Certification Products Agency, offers products evaluation services in accordance with the following fields:

  • unregulated (voluntary) domain for the certification of machinery and installations for agriculture and food industry;
  • the field regulated by the Directive 2006/42 / EC for the certification of wood processing machines, presses, and ROPS protection structures.

INMA-CERT was established in 1995 as it can be organized independently in the organizational structure of INMA.

INMA-CERT does not have its own legal status; it is a well defined entity within INMA, independent in its certification actions and operating according to its own rules of organization and functioning.

INMA-CERT is a “third party” product certification body, whose organization and functioning are in accordance with the requirements:

  • SR EN ISO / IEC 17065: 2013 – Conformity assessment. Requirements for organizations certifying products, processes and services;
  • EA Guide 2/17 M: 2016 – EA Document on Accreditation for Notification Purposes.

INMA-CERT is accredited by RENAR since 1996 through the Accreditation Certificate no. PR 006, updated on 29.04.2019 for the voluntary field and the Certificate of accreditation ON 002 updated on 29.04.2019 for the field regulated by the Directive 2006/42 / EC “Machines”.

INMA as a legal entity of which INMA-CERT is a member, is notified to the European Commission (NB1804) for: assessing the conformity of some of the machines included in Annex IV of Directive 2006/42 / EC (Machinery).

INMA-CERT guarantees the following principles:

  • impartiality for both evaluation process and decision-making process;
  • independence from the possible predominance of any specific interests;
  • objectivity in the certification process;
  • technical competence and professional integrity for all staff;
  • free access to certification and non-discriminatory treatment of applications;
  • confidentiality on the information that is the property of the client whose product has been subject to certification;
  • transparency and access to information through the dissemination to the public of information regarding its certification processes, as well as information regarding the certification stage of any product;
  • impartial treatment and effective resolution of complaints and appeals;
  • collaboration with the regulatory authorities.
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