Testing Department

Mission of Testing Department

The mission of the department is to carry out research-development-innovation and testing activities in the field of processes, technologies and technical equipment for the food industry and equipment for production of bioresources and bioenergy.

Regarding the recognizing of technical-scientific and experimental capability by accreditation, INMA’s research infrastructure is concretized through accredited research, testing and experimentation laboratories in accordance with EU norms and directives, which verify the scientific and technical competence of some ideas, solutions, new equipment and products with high-performance technical equipment and highly qualified staff.

INMA Bucharest has a testing department of tractors and technical equipment for agriculture and food industry which has subordinated 2 high-performance laboratories equipped at the level of similar laboratories in the EU:

Laboratory Testing Equipment for the production of bioresources and bioenergy

Laboratory Testing Machines and Installations for the Food Industry.


Research Directions and Objectives

Scientific substantiation of the processes in agriculture, food industry and creation of new technologies, tools and technical equipment compatible and competitive with the European research area specific to the concepts of SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE and FOOD SECURITY;
Development of new technologies and testing of technical equipment for the production of bioresources;
Development of new technologies and testing of technical equipment for bioenergy production;
Development of new technologies and testing of machines and installations for the food industry;
Development of new technologies and testing of equipment for Croping and Processing of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants;
Development of new fields of interest: energies from renewable sources, biotechnologies, organic and ecological agriculture;
Carrying out scientific research activities (fundamental, applied and technological development) in order to identify and apply innovative solutions in the field of sustainable development and reduction of environmental pollution.
Development of products based on “clean” technologies, aiming to restore and maintain a rational balance, in the long run, between economic development and the integrity of the natural environment, in forms understood and accepted by society.

TD structure

The human resources available to the Testing Department are: 41 people

Research staff with higher education: 36
Technicians: 5

Download here the Testing Department presentation catalog

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