Department of Execution and Technical Equipments

  1. Execution Department mission


The mission of the Execution Department is the execution of experimental models, prototypes and pilot installations, an applicative part of scientific research activities in the field of processes, technologies and technical equipment for the mechanization and automation of works in agriculture and food industry.


  1. Directions and objectives

In the context of featuring the institutional development strategy of INMA Bucharest, which has constant concerns related to the development of a competitive research structure able to create innovative products and quality research services, with applicability in different production sectors or where they are required, the department’s objective is to increase the level of performance and quality of experimental models, prototypes and pilot installations.

In the same direction, parts, subassemblies and equipment for third parties, natural or legal persons, or in collaboration with different National Research and Development Institutes can be executed within the Execution Department. It has computer-aided numerical control machines that can perform sheet processing operations such as:

–  Cutting (Hydraulic guillotine-CNC);

–  Punching and cutting to shape (Machining centre-CNC);

– Bending (Hydraulic press-CNC), as well as classical machines for mechanical processing.


  1. Execution Department components.

The Execution Department has a professional staff with proven skills in the execution of experimental models and prototypes.


Workshop for experimental models and prototypes

Mechanical and energy workshop



Junior Eng. Marian Mihai,Head of Execution Department

Phone: 0722 484 096


Eng. Pop Florin Octavian

Phone: 0758 731 577


Techn. Seltea Valeriu, technology and manufacturing preparation

Phone: 0726483609

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