Mission, Vision and Values

The mission of the institute is one of scientific research activities (fundamental and applicative), of innovation in the field of processing of technologies, mechanization and automation technologies and equipments for agriculture and food industry, in the context of the harmonization of all political activities of ANCS and of the European Union. .

  • Development of diagnostics, forecasts and strategies in the field of technologies and technical equipment for agriculture and food industry.
  • Research and use of processes, mechanization technologies and technical equipment for agriculture and food industry;
  • Execution of experimental models and prototypes;
  • Testing in laboratory conditions and operation of agricultural machinery and installations to manage agriculture and industry, in accordance with U.E procedures, rules and directives;
  • Standardization in the field of technical equipment;
  • Training activities, professional specialization and certification of personal guidance machining technologies;
  • Testing equipment technique;
  • Certification of conforming products;
  • Performing inspection techniques for tractors, trucks, repairs and cars;
  • Technological transfer and innovative business through the INMA-ITA accreditation technology incubator.
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