Department of Technological and Business Incubator

Technological and Business Incubator INMA-ITA, located in Bucharest, 6 Ion Ionescu de la Brad Boulevard, an entity from the infrastructure of innovation and technological transfer, accreditation of the National Authority for Scientific Research, offers spaces equipped with furniture, computer and communication network and specialized services, mainly oriented to facilitate the initiators and the development of new innovative enterprises, based on advanced technology, in the field of technical equipment for agriculture, food industry, agricultural farms and related processing. Detailed offer and additional information can be obtained by phone: 021 2693256, 021 2693250, fax: 021 2693270, e-mail:,, web:


Capitalizing research results on economic enviroment by supporting the creation and development of innovative SMEs that will produce services /products in accordance with the requirements of the Single Market.

Accreditation field: technologies and technical equipment for agriculture, food industry and agricultural farms.

Certifications: entity within the National Network of Innovation and Technological Transfer ReNITT (Accreditation certificate no. 4 / 01.11.2005 issued by the Ministry of Education and Research – National Authority for Scientific Research ANCS); Accreditation certificate no. 50 / 01.03.2011 issued by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport – National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation; Accreditation certificate no. 89 / 03.01.2017 issued by the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research – National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation

Organization: INMA-ITA is an entity with financial autonomy within the National Institute for Development Research for Machines and Installations for Agriculture and Food Industry – INMA Bucharest.

Target groups:

– SMEs, manufacturers of equipment for agriculture and food industry;

– Micro-enterprises and innovative individuals with activities in agriculture and the food industry;

– Small and medium-sized farms.

Specialized Services:

– ensuring the access of the physically incubated entities (entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, individuals) to INMA-ITA infrastructure;

– physical and virtual incubation inventions (creation of new companies based on their own invention);

– ensuring access by licensing to INMA patents;

– professional training (modern CAD-CAM technologies, management, innovation management, marketing, entrepreneurship, intellectual property);

– specialized assistance regarding intellectual property;

– technological information, technological audit, vigilance and technological forecast;

– facilitating the access of incubated companies to modern equipment for the realization of functional, experimental models, pilot installations;

– tests in laboratories accredited at national level according to ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 and product certifications through INMA – CERT (Certification body accredited by RENAR, notified by the European Commission with identification number 1804 for Directives 2006/42 / EC and 2000 / 14 / EC);

Assistance services offered:

– identifying, facilitating and optimizing successful innovative partnerships;

– ensuring access to specialized databases in the field of mechanization and construction of technical equipment for agriculture and food industry;

– information on the priorities of the field at national and European level;

– legislative assistance and economic-financial consulting

– technical assistance and consultancy for start-up and transposition of innovative technologies into business ideas;

– current services (mail, telephone, internet utilities, xerox, training conditions, meeting-room, security and protection, parking, etc.);

– identification of financing possibilities for companies that have been physically or virtually incubated.


49 physical incubation contracts for micro-enterprises, SMEs and SMEs;

15 virtual incubation services and assistance for micro-enterprises and SMEs;

6 business assistance services and technological transfer for IM and IMM;

1 consulting service for a Technological Information Center;

1 consultancy and communication service with OSIM for a young inventor (student).

Head of Department: Dr. Ing. Muraru Ionel Cornelia

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